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What is Crypto Scenarios?

Crypto Scenarios helps you compare market capitalizations between your coin and another coin, answering the question: "what if my coin was the size of another coin?" The crypto calculator also gives your portfolio’s valuation based on your crypto price prediction and market capitalization scenarios.

The crypto calculator automatically updates related fields and values upon input for increased user experience. For instance, entering a crypto price prediction updates the values for new market cap, multiplier, new value, new rank, and more.

Who Created Crypto Scenarios?
Grant Kurz

Grant Kurz
Consultabit, Founder

Grant has been a full-time cryptocurrency investor since January 2017. His first entry into the Bitcoin community was in 2014 helping write Bitwage's alpha press release: The 4 Benefits of Using Bitcoin Payroll. Grant co-launched the Bitcoin Dollar Cost Average Calculator used around the world in over 140 countries. The founder also developed Crypto Scenarios used in over 190 countries.


Consultabit is the creator of CryptoScenarios

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Crypto Price Calculator

Enter your crypto amount and crypto price prediction into the respective inputs, and the crypto price calculator will provide your portfolio’s valuation at your set price. Accordingly, the new market cap field’s value will automatically update based on the input’s price. You may also enter your crypto market cap scenario to automatically calculate the respective crypto price at the set market cap.

Any change to the price or market cap inputs will automatically display the coin’s new rank.

Edit the circulating supply input with alternative values to automatically calculate the new price (the market cap will remain the same). The circulating supply feature is useful for understanding how your portfolio is impacted by a token release schedule.

Consultabit Launches ScopeFlash

Consultabit, the creator of Crypto Scenarios, launches ScopeFlash!

ScopeFlash is an AI powered language learning application, allowing you to generate flashcards based upon the content of your choice.

Let's say you wanted to learn Spanish. Now you can generate flashcards based on the content of a Spanish language news article, a Spanish language Wikipedia article, or even a Spanish language song you're wanting to learn!

ScopeFlash is being integrated with an AI tutor to provide you assistance with your flashcards and language learning material. The AI tutor can help you with grammar, and provide you personalized assistance along the way.

We look forward to hearing what you think, as well as how to integrate AI & Large Language Models into Crypto Scenarios in the future.

Crypto Market Cap Calculator - Compare

The crypto market cap calculator's comparison tool is extremely useful for comparing your token's market cap relative to another coin's market cap. The crypto market cap calculator helps you discover what the price of your token would be at another coin's market cap easily.

Many cryptocurrency investors have coin targets where one believes a coin has the potential to reach in the future. As an example, people may want to see if a micro-cap coin can reach the market cap of Chainlink, and may also want to know what the new portfolio's valuation would be in such a scenario.

To launch the comparison tool, either click the image next to the new market cap input or click the second search input field to bring down a search list. Enter any crypto name, ticker, or simply scroll down and click the cryptocurrency you wish to use as a market cap comparison for your coin.

Upon clicking the target coin, the new market cap input will be replaced by the target coin’s market cap. Your portfolio’s new value will be updated with the respective valuation. Additionally, the new price, new rank, and multiplier will also automatically update.

Crypto Profit Calculator

The crypto profit calculator determines your profit from your coin’s scenario value and current value. Look under Scenario Results, and you will see your profit, new value, current value, as well as related data.

Using the crypto profit calculator with Crypto Scenarios means you can find out how much your valuation will be when a coin reaches another coin’s market cap, as well as how much your valuation will be when a coin reaches a certain price.

Crypto Multiplier Calculator

Enter a number into the multiplier input to multiply the new price, new market cap, new value, and so forth by the factor.

Crypto ROI Calculator

To use crypto ROI calculator, enter a number into the ROI input to discover your coin's new value within the scenario results display. Alternatively, enter multiple price and market cap scenarios to discover your portfolio's ROI.

Crypto Calculator - Save

Open the settings and click on one of the options to save your crypto calculator inputs within your browser’s local storage.

Consultabit is the Software Developer

Consultabit creates tools such as the Bitcoin dollar cost average calculator, as well as education and guides for the cryptocurrency community Follow Consultabit on Twitter at