I’ve been a full-time cryptocurrency trader since January 2017.

In the beginning, I was mostly using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of my cryptocurrency valuations. Over time, I also created a dedicated spreadsheet to calculate my numerous cryptocurrency valuation scenarios based on alternative price and market capitalization targets.

The daily input of fresh data into the spreadsheet became too repetitive, and I wanted a way to automate the process. I was sure my annoyance was felt amongst many in the community.

So I looked around with surprise, noticing there weren’t any strong websites for calculating crypto scenarios for price targets or market capitalization targets at the time.

While I was making solutions for myself, I thought it would be more interesting and useful to make the technology public for your view. I think of my software as giving back to a revolutionary industry which has given me so much.

I made Crypto Scenarios public in January 2021 via Twitter, receiving many likes and impressions for the demonstrations of the website’s capabilities seen below:

To this day, I’m still a full-time cryptocurrency investor, as well as Founder of Consultabit creating software such as Crypto Scenarios for crypto traders.